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Saving and Posting Grades



  • Keith Archibald

    The grades are not remaining after saving. I cannot commit more time to using this site if the most basic of tasks, grading student performance, isn't working.

  • Keith Archibald

    Viewing assignments doesn't show the student's name on the window with the student's work. Entering their grade, comment, and approval on this (unnamed) screen for Exercise 1, U1C2L8 screen, doesn't register the grade on the gradesheet. I cannot enter grades on the screen WITHOUT their name so that it saves and I cannot bounce back to the list of students to enter the comment (because I cannot associate the work with the Cadet without a name). I cannot grade in this tool! Please fix the grading.

  • Debbie L Gibbons

    Keith, I apologize, I am not receiving notification for the comments on the help center. I will pay more attention to this. We are experiencing synchronization issues with the grading features in the Cadet Portfolio and your items identified are on our update list with our team and we are working resolution as soon as we can. 

    Thank you, 

    COL Abbott


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